Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild Meeting Recap

Look at all of those heart blocks and nap mats!
For those of you who were able to make July's guild meeting, first of all...we missed you and secondly, you missed a great meeting!

We had a great social before the meeting. There were so many people there, 38 of them were FWMQG members of which we have 53! Thank you to the visitors that came also. We even had the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild President, Lee, and a few of her members.

We are going even stronger on the pillowcases for ACH Child and Family Services. Our goal at the first of the year was to have 150 completed by end of year. With your help we have donated 165 pillowcases! Thank you quilters.

Next are nap mats for Center for Transforming Lives. The goal is 100 and to date we have made and donated 56. Many of you picked up fabric that was donated to us by Madtosh when they closed their store. We hope to see much of that fabric back cut into pieces, sew back together and quilted. Thank you for those who have taken time away from your work to generously make for others.

Speaking of taking time for others, the donations of heart quilt blocks for #quiltsforpulse and #quiltsforpeace have been wonderful. They are coming in from all over the world. See what happens when one person mentions to another and then it gets put on social media? Another good reason to be on social media, at least Instagram, so we can see your pretty work. Also, thank you to Donna, Glenna and Lazara for longarming the heart quilts and to Carolyn and Nancy for taking a bag of blocks to put together.

We voted as a guild to donate 50% of the proceeds collected from the auction of our "Modern View of the Trinity River" charity quilt to University of North Texas Health Science Center to help with Alzheimer research. We will be taking the quilt around and displaying it to help with donations. If you have any ideas, please see Lazara.

Next up was the very talented and entertaining Jacquie Gering. Just being in the same room was amazing. She visited with everyone until the meeting started and she got a little choked up when she held the pile of heart blocks for #quiltsforpeace. During her presentation she showed us several of her quilts that we have seen in magazines, on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Modern Quilt Guild shows. To be up close and personal with her quilts, you could feel the talent flow through you.

There were many gasps and oohs and ahhs and she answered every question thrown at her. These quilt are a part of her and there is a story behind each one. Thank you Jacquie for teaching us to just quilt.

Medallion qal is going strong. All the colors and all the different designs. Good job! Show and share did a good job of wowing us also.

Laurie with her heart quilt donation for #quiltsforpulse and her Marine Corp. quilt she made for here son.
Tammy had time before her vacation to put together the beautiful quilt and bag.
Laura traveled around Fort Worth and Dallas to pick up the Row by Row Panels and she put them together!

Lazara made three beautiful quilts for a customer. The customer's mother passed away and she wanted quilt made with some of her clothes. They are all so beautiful and special.

January has been very busy because her friends have been very busy...having babies! In between making baby quilts, she also finished a heart quilt top for #quiltsforpeace, a very large quilt and a story quilt about her retreat in Pennsylvania.

This is Lee and she is the President of the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild. Lee showed us her quilt she finished for #quiltsforpulse. Beautiful!

Jill is also very busy making baby bibs! The pins will be removed before putting on baby.
A few things to remember:

  • The Triangle Challenge is due at August's meeting.
  • Sign ups for the Pillow Swap will start in August. Bring a FQ you want incorporated into a pillow. Be sure to hide it. Secret partners will be assigned at September meeting. We will exchange during our December meeting party.
That's all for now. Hope to see you Saturday, July 30th at Sew Fabricated from 10:00am to 5:00pm for #quiltsforpeace Sew In.


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