Sunday, September 23, 2012

Modern Guild at Quilt Festival!

The Modern Quilt Guild has a special exhibit at Quilt Festival this year. They are fortunate to have a table in the exhibit to answer questions from other quilters, just as SAQA, the American Sewing Guild and other organizations do. And they need your help to staff it.


For members who are interested in volunteering please check out this link:

Volunteers will get free admission the day they volunteer and the guild is working on a special gift.

The International Quilt Festival is in Houston, November 1-4. There are hundreds of exhibitors and booths as well as many classes offered.

Friday, September 21, 2012

September Eye Candy

We are going captionless this month as I neglected to take notes while photographing. We also had several guests share and I didn't catch most of the new names. There were lots of great tops shown off, so I'm expecting lots of finishes in the weeks to come!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Quilter Questionnaire: Jenn

Name: Jenn Nevitt

How long have you been quilting? I made my first quilt just about three years ago - for my daughter's first birthday. It was the first quilt I had finished (I had sewn some quilt blocks when I was pregnant, but it took awhile for those to become a quilt!)

What is your favorite part/step of the process? I love choosing fabric (though I hate to use up my favorites!) and I love piecing the top. 

Your biggest obstacle? Besides being able to afford all the fabric I love, and to have time and space to sew everything? Deciding how to quilt my quilts is always tough for me, and making the backing. Ugh! 

How many have you finished? I had to go count - 46! Wow! 

Which item that you have made are you most proud of? The quilt I made for my bed this year - it is the largest quilt I've finished (just over queen size) and I think it looks like something you might buy, so that's pretty neat!

How do you decide on a pattern? I love reading quilt blogs (I was so excited when I found quilt blogs! I had read knitting blogs for years, and for some reason it didn't occur to me right away that there would be quilt blogs too!). And Pinterest is a good source of inspiration. I also like to collect quilting books, and have recently made a few quilts out of some of my books. 

Where do you quilt, do you have your own space? I have a new sewing room, and it's pretty tiny, but it's nice to keep the yarn and fabric stash away from the kids and pets! I usually move my machine to the dining room table to quilt my quilts, as there is not enough room on my sewing table.

Tell us about your stash: Not big enough! I have a hard time choosing fabrics - I really want to love everything I buy. I signed up for Pink Castle Fabric's Stash StackClub though, and they send out fat quarters all within a color scheme each month. I'm hoping to get a lot of things I wouldn't otherwise buy. I have a bad habit of buying an entire line of fabric in fat quarters or smaller precuts, and I find that sometimes limiting.

How would you define your style? Traditional Modern. I love the bright colors and patterns in modern prints, but I'm not much into 'wonky' or freeform quilting. I like nice straight lines and geometric shapes! 

What are your go-to colors? Blues and Greens. And I love a good grey!

Favorite tool or notion? My sewing machine!

Do you have other crafty hobbies? I knit a lot, and dabble in embroidery and cross stitch when I have time. I also love sewing clothes for my kids. 

Be sure and keep up with Jenn on her blog at