Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tonight's Votes

Good morning all! I wanted to check in with you all, and go over the things you may have missed if you weren't at our August meeting.

This evening we will be holding two votes. We will be voting on a proposal to raise dues to $40 beginning next year. This will allow us to plan more programming for the guild.

We are also proposing to redefine the current VP position to VP of Membership and Outreach, rename the social media chair as VP of Communications, and add a VP of Events. I've included the job duties the board has delineated for position below.

There will be time for discussion prior to the vote, so please bring any questions you may have.

Also, we'd love it if you could bring colored pencils tonight for a special activity! We hope to see you then!

Vice President of Events:
In charge in the President’s absence.
Coordinates with treasurer to collect money and maintain sign up sheets for guild events.
Plans special events, including workshops, lectures, trunkshows, and retreats.
Coordinates with other MQGs for special events.
Works closely with other VPs as needed.

Vice President of Membership/Outreach
Communicates with guests and potential members
Maintains membership records and directory
Oversees charitable projects
Works closely with VP of Communications on Guild Promotion

Vice President of Communications:
Is the public face of the guild.
Maintains all social media accounts.
Maintains guild information on community site.
Administrates guild blog.
Produces monthly newsletter

Works closely with other VPs as needed.

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