Friday, May 17, 2013

Upcoming Challenge for August 2013

We went over our next few challenges last night since summer is quickly approaching :) Remember these are optional and you are not required to do them, however you'll receive points if you do :)


  • Low volume fabrics are considered to be "quiet" fabrics, and are mostly white, paler shades and/or graphic prints combined with whites and neutrals.
  • You can use a traditional pattern, your favorite patter, or design your own.
  • The quilt must be at least 45" by 45" or larger.
  • Reveal at the October FWMQG meeting on October 17, 2013.
  • You will receive 5 points for completing this challenge by the October meeting. 
Modern quilter and Moda fabric designer Malka Dubrawsky provides a description of low volume quilting and fabric selection on her blog. She also wrote a more detailed article in Quilting Arts that is available free as an online ebook and can be downloaded at The ebook title is: Traditional and Modern Quilting: Designs and Techniques for Quilt Designs.

If you are unfamiliar with low volume quilts, here are some examples for further explanation and inspiration:

Also check out the Low Volume QAL on flickr for inspiration and ideas.

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