Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quilter Questionnaire: Connie Whan

Name: Connie Whan

How long have you been quilting? Quilting, about 20 years but I have been sewing for more than 40 years.

How did you learn to quilt?  I taught myself.  It was pretty easy since I had been sewing apparel for many years.

What is your favorite part/step of the process? Designing the quilt

Your biggest obstacle?  Time

How many have you finished? A lot.  When I start a quilt, I finish.  The good thing, at this point I don’t have any unfinished projects when it comes to quilting.

Which item that you have made are you most proud of?  The quilts that I make and donate so the organizations can earn money.

How do you decide on a pattern? I design the pattern for the individual or group.  I am blessed to be creative in that way.

Do you name or label your quilts? Name-sometimes, label-usually.  Sometimes I forget.

Where do you quilt, do you have your own space? We converted our garage into a bedroom for our son about 11 years ago.  When he went to college, we swapped rooms.
Tell us about your stash: It has everything.  I am trying to win the contest of having the most fabric.

How would you define your style? Unique

What are your go-to colors? Brights, no certain colors, just bright

Favorite tool or notion?  My rotary mats, cutters, and templates.

Do you have other crafty hobbies? I crochet prayer shawls.

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