Thursday, August 8, 2013

July BOM

July BOM
Storm at Sea

This month you have a choice of what Storm at Sea variation and what technique you want to use.

Here are the 2 choices you have: Thanks to Allyson for making a block, hers is on the left and is the traditional Storm at Sea block. Mine is on the right and is a variation.

     Here is another version done by Allyson, without the center square.

Before you start making this you have to decide what technique you want to use. The 2 pics above are foundation paper pieced (FPP from now on). The other way you can make it is piecing. The directions I give here are for FPP. If you want to make it the other way, you can use this free pattern from McCalls. Here’s the web site Mccalls Quilting then do a search for Storm at Sea.

As for FPP this is very easy with the direction below. First print out your pattern pieces Here.
Note – Before you begin, I suggest you write on the paper pieces what color goes where, you will thank me later.

1. Cut each paper piece about ½” from the solid line. Do not cut it out of the dotted line, that is your ¼” seam allowance line.
2. All 3 of the blocks are made the same way, I will show how to do the large 6.5” square.
3. Glue your center piece to cover the size of the inside square (use a 5” square for this) to the back side of the block, facing down. Just a drop of glue will work. I use an Elmers glue stick. It goes on purple, but I promise it will dry non-sticky and clear.
4. Here comes the magic park. Flip the square over so the lined side is on the top. Use a piece of card stock and fold the paper back along the line. Then use an add a quarter ruler or the ¼” line on your regular ruler. Cut the fabric along that ¼” line. Repeat for all 4 lines. Now you have a ¼” seam line to know exactly where to place the other pieces.
5. Flip the piece over so your fabric is showing (right side). From now on we will be sewing the pieces right side down. Line up your fabric (see the cut sizes for each block below…I will caution you that I am very generous on the pieces to make sure that it all fits together)  right side down on one of the straight lines of the square we just cut. Then carefully flip it over so you can see the sewing line on the paper and sew along that line. Start with a few stitches away from the line and end with a few stitches past the line. Do you see how the ¼” seam allowance is now on the block, there’s no need to flip over and cut the ¼” seam allowance. 
6. Now repeat this with the line that’s across and then press these open. Then repeat for the other 2 sides. 
7. Once you have all 4 pieces done and pressed then you can cut the block to make it the right size. Cut along the dashed line which is ¼” away from the straight line. Flip over and you have a block with perfect points. I suggest keeping the paper on until you put the whole quilt together.

The other pieces work the same way. With the 2 square units make sure to center the points with the fabric. For the diamond in a rectangle the peace will have to be lined up with the fabric with more hanging off the short side.

The difference between the block is that Allyson’s block used a square in square in square on the corners. And the other one just used a square in square. If you make the traditional square (Allyson’s) you will start with the center and work out. For instance…cut the ¼” seam for the inside square and then repeat for the outer square.

When you put the block together make sure you have the pieces lined up and sew in the straight line. This will give you perfect points, where the pieces are sewn together.

Here’s the cutting directions for the blocks.

For the large square:
1 – 5” square, and 2 – 5” squares cut diagonally in half you should have 4 HSTs now.

For the small squares
4 – 3” square for the center and 8 or 16  – 4” squares cut in half diagonally (4 if only doing the square in square).

Diamond in a rectangle:
4 – 3 ½” x 6 ½” rectangle and 16 – 4.5” squares cut diagonally

Writing the colors on the papers are very important now, so you know how many HST parts of each fabric you need.

I hope you guys have fun with this block and will see you soon!!