Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to comment on a blog

Continuing our Social Media series, today's topic is how to add a comment on a blog post.

I thought this was easy until I started researching how to start commenting and it seems that there's more to it than I had thought. The easiest way to add a comment is thru google. If you don't have a gmail account it's very easy to set up. When I started quilting and using social media I created an email thru google just for things I do on my IPad generally. That includes any blogging info, facebook, twitter, flickr and pinterest. It's just easier to find it all in one place and not to have my personal family email getting all these emails, especially since I have every comment on my blog being sent to me by email.

The first thing to do is sign up for a google account.

1. Go to
2. Click Sign In on the top right
3. Create a New Account by clicking on the left side of the page. Follow the prompts to create your account.
4. It might then go to the google homepage. Don't worry about this, it will not change your homepage, unless you tell it to.
5. Now go to the web site you want to leave a comment on. Since you are here already lets leave a comment on this post. Type your comment into the comment form. Then on the drop down menu below the comment box that says Comment as choose Google.
6. You may or may not be signed in and might be prompted to sign in. The sign in is your gmail account that you just set up (remember to enter the to it) and your password. If it's your first time commenting you will then be prompted to say what name you want displayed when you comment. It can be anything, I don't suggest using your last name, but I see I am and will fix that :)
7. Then hit Publish and it should publish.

There is another way to comment as anonymous, but then the blogger won't be able to comment back to you. It's especially not a good idea if you are entering a giveaway since the blogger won't be able to email you to let you know.

This should work, if it doesn't please let me know by email.

For those who are tech savvy and know other ways to comment I'd love to post that too. I always use blogger so am not sure about the other ways.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Quilt Sitters

What are you doing this weekend? I'll be having some quilting fun on Saturday afternoon from 1 pm - 3pm.

The second Saturday of each month, on of our members, Gail, leads Quilt Sitters at The Berry Patch. Each month Gail shows us different quilts, but all having a common theme or technique. We also do group projects. Right now Gail is giving us a different block to do each month for a Quilt of Valor project we are working on. Theres' also show and share with lots of eye candy. Quilters of all levels and ages are welcome. And The Berry Patch gives a 15% discount on club day!

I'd love to have you join the fun. It's best to get there at 12:45 to get a seat and bring your latest project to show and share. But I warn you, it's an addicting event so you might as well pencil it in for the second Saturday of each month right now :)